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Rogowskie Arboretum and Alpinarium – It is one of the largest gardens of this type in Poland. It is located in a thinning forest and has the character of a forest park. In its area there are some of the richest and most interesting collections of trees and shrubs in Central and Eastern Europe. The whole is complemented by forest experimental surfaces with alien species of forest trees and rock garden – a favorite place for many visitors www.arboretum.sggw.pl

Narrow-gauge railway – A narrow-gauge railway connecting Rogów with Rawa Mazowiecka and Biała Rawska was established in 1915 during the First World War. It was supposed to supply food and ammunition to the front with food. After the country gained independence, it was incorporated into the structures of the state railway. At present, the Polish Narrow Gauge Railway Foundation is responsible for the railway, which has launched regular courses available for individual tourists and on request for organized groups. The route is 49 kilometers long and leads from Rogów through Jeżów, Białynin, Głuchów, Złota Zawady, Rawa Mazowiecka and Biała Rawska. In addition, a open-air museum of narrow gauge railway was established at the station in Rogów. You can admire various types of rolling stock: steam engines, diesel locomotives, personal and motor cars www.kolejrogowska.pl

Museum of Forest and Wood at the Center for Nature and Forest Education – Museum is subject to the Center for Natural and Forest Education. Most of the collections come from the period when only students and employees of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences were using the facility. Over time, the collection was made available to those interested in the public. There are collections of mammals, birds, insects, cones, wood, shells and a phytopathological collection. In the educational chamber there are a dozen or so specimen specimens of animals that are used during museum lessons. In the chamber there are also farms: geckos and insects. www.cepl.sggw.waw.pl

Dino Park, Kołacinek – The main attraction of the park is a walk along the path of the Mesozoic era, where the life-size figures of dinosaurs are arranged in a picturesque setting. You can also visit the geological-paleontological exhibition, where there are authentic fossils from many millions of years ago, such as: dinosaur bones, ammonites, trilobites, sponges, arrows. Folwark Kołaciński will make a visit, in which there are stylized cottages covered with reed thatch, antique machines that in ancient times were used for field works, as well as a copy of the so-called well. “Crane” to draw water. www.dino-park.pl

Historic church of Saint. Stanisław Biskupa in Boguszyce – It is one of the most valuable wooden churches in Mazovia and Poland. The temple dates from the sixteenth century and was funded by Wojciech Boguski. The interior of the church is covered with Renaissance polychromes with images of Christ and Evangelists. It is worth paying attention to the late-Gothic polyptych in the main altar. The church together with the eighteenth-century belfry and the cemetery is entered in the register of monuments.

Castle of the Dukes of Mazovia in Rawa Mazowiecka – According to the chronicle of Jan Długosz, the castle in Rawa was founded by King Casimir the Great to defend the southern part of Mazovia. The construction of this Gothic fortress was completed at the end of the 14th century. The castle was built on a quadrilateral plan, on a stone foundation, with towers in the corners. The northern wing was a two-storey ducal palace. Inside, in the courtyard, there were farm and residential buildings for the castle’s crew. The main octagonal tower for prison is also a defensive function. Because the castle was surrounded by a moat, it was only accessible via a drawbridge. Currently, only the ruins of the castle remain. In the place of the original stronghold stands a restored tower with reconstructed short fragments of walls. There are also small remains of the wall along the entire length of the former stronghold pl.wikipedia.org

Lagoon “Tatar” in Rawa Mazowiecka – Zalew is an artificial water reservoir created as a result of damming up water in the Rawka River. It is divided into two sub-assemblies, of which the larger (55 hectares) is recreational, while the smaller (about 18 ha) is under protection and is a mainstay of waterfowl. On the lagoon you can relax on the beach, swim in a guarded bathing area or engage in sports activities. Available to visitors are: kayaks, water bikes, sailing boats, tennis courts, volleyball courts, mini-golf field, gym, saunas. Fishermen also love the place and not only in the summer, but also in the winter during the bitter frosts.